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DOT Medical Exam



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Jan 6, 2020 DOT Program Change

Transportation Companies this will affects your CDL drivers:

Drivers with a CDL License:

Starting on January 6, 2020, drivers who have a commercial driver's license who switch employers will be required to register with the FMCSA Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse as part of their employment-related background check. Voluntary registration will begin in October 2019. (Click Here) to go to the registration site.

Motor Carriers

Employers must register and purchase a Query plan from the FMCSA Clearinghouse by January 6, 2020. Employers can register starting in October and review details on purchasing a query by following this link (Click Here) but query programs will not be available for purchase until November 2019. Queries must be sent to the Clearinghouse for current and prospective employees' drug and alcohol violations before permitting those employees to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) on public roads. In addition, Employers must obtain an annual query for each driver they employ.

Drug and Alcohol Collection Sites:

Beginning January 6, 2020, when performing a DOT drug test, the driver's CDL number must be placed in either the space normally used for a social security number or employee identification number. This does not apply to drivers of commercial vehicles who do not have a commercial driver's license. Although the FMCSA notice uses the word "required" repeatedly, FMCSA has stated that, "this guidance is not legally binding in its own right". Nonconformity with this guidance will not affect rights and obligations under existing statutes and regulations.

If the collector has not followed this guidance, the MRO is required to contact the driver, the employer, or designated representative to obtain it. If the collector does not fill in this information on the CCF for whatever reason, they still must send the specimen to the laboratory for testing.

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