Drug Testing Random Program

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Trucker Exam Inc a "TPA" (Third Party Administrator) providing all services associated with drug and alcohol testing and drug-free workplace program management. Specific programs and services Drug Testing at SAMHSA-certified laboratories,

DOT Drug Testing Program for Trucking

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Q: Can I switch from another DOT consortium?

A: Yes. You can switch anytime throughout the year. Make sure your drug and alcohol test results and DOT reports are accessible or request copies before you switch. For new transportation companies that switching to Trucker Exam the first-year company You only pay $35.00 for each truck driver. A saving of FROM $45.00 T0 $100.00. A bonus, FOR FREE  23 FORMS FOR NEW DRIVER HIRING


Q: Will my drivers need to retake their pre-employment drug tests?

A: Drivers are exempt from a pre-employment drug test if they have participated in a substance abuse testing program that meets the requirements of your DOT agency within the previous 30 days, and:

Were tested for controlled substances within the past six months, or

Participated in the program for the previous 12 months. 

Do I need to be in a drug testing program?

Trucker Exam Inc. severing the San Joaquin Valley in the heart of California is the state's top agricultural producing region, sometimes called “the nation's salad bowl” from Ripen CA to Bakersfield CA to the central coast. Located in central California at the 76 Truck Stop in Fresno California

  • Drug Testing at SAMHSA-certified laboratories, with electronic reporting of test results.
  • Urine specimen collections at our offices or on-site at the client's facility, by D.O.T. and SAMHSA standards.
  • Breath Alcohol approved for D.O.T. testing.
  • Assistance to clients in drug-free workplace substance abuse policy preparation.
  • Total management capabilities for D.O.T. drug-free workplace compliance programs.
  • D.O.T. compliance consortium for trucking companies with 1 to 3 drivers who must participate in a consortium and for small trucking companies with up to 15 drivers who prefer to participate in a consortium.
  • Random testing generation and random database maintenance using verifiable and reproducible random program.
  • Laboratory quality assurance monitoring using "blind" samples.
  • Monitoring of the turn-around time for test results from the laboratory and M.R.O. (Medical Review Officers.)
  • Educational programs for employee substance abuse awareness and to meet D.O.T. supervisory training requirements.
  • M.R.O. (Medical Review Officer) and S.A.P. (Substance Abuse Professional) services.
  • Referrals to treatment providers, wellness programs, and E.A.P.'s (Employee Assistance Programs).
  • Networking nationwide with other collectors for specimen collections and breath alcohol testing using a database of thousands of facilities.