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PUC Limousine Drug Testing

The California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) oversees drug test enforcement for limos and other vans that carry less than 15 passengers, including the drivers.

California Law 53075 Requires People Who Carry Passengers for Hire to have Drug and Alcohol Testing Similar to the US. D.O.T.

California public law 53075 enacted required drug testing for drivers for hire who carry passengers. The PUC California Public Utility Commission is charged with regulating limousines and vans that carry less than 15 passengers including the driver, while taxis are regulated by the cities in which they operate.

The California Public Utility Program requires a mirror image to the US FMCSA DOT drug program. and DOT Exam

Trucker Exam Inc is a approve PUC  Drug testing company

What You Get in The PUC Program:

Trucker Exam Inc. help complete all paperwork required to document you are compliant with the California Public Utility Commission -


Drug Testing collection sites throughout California

Assigned PUC Drug Testing Program Administrator

Customized PUC Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

Pre-employment, Random, and Reasonable Suspicion

Certificate of Enrollment for the PUC

A form submitted tonPUC with all drivers names

Drug and Alcohol Booklet with education materials