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School Exam


School Exam

1. CIF Rule 307 authorizes chiropractors to perform

preparticipation evaluations.

Rule 307 of Article 3 (“School Regulations”) of the CIF Bylaws authorizes a “medical

practitioner” to screen students for participation in athletic competition. Rule 307

provides as follows:

307. Physical Examination

As a condition of membership, schools will require an annual physical

examination on a school board approved form which includes a health

history, or a statement by a medical practitioner on a school board

approved form certifying that the student is physically fit to

participate in athletics, before a student may try out, practice or

participate in interscholastic athletic competition. A student will be

excused from this physical examination provided there is a compliance

with the Education Code provisions concerning Parents’ Refusal to

Consent. The CIF Health and Safety Committee strongly recommends that

districts use the Pre-Participation Physical Examination form that has been

endorsed by the following five major medical societies: American

Academy of Family Physicians; American Academy of Pediatrics;

American Medical Society for Sports Medicine; American Orthopedic

Sports Medicine; and the American Osteopathic Academy of Sports

Medicine. All CIF schools must use Board Approved forms by the 2004-


2005 school year. (Revised May 2003 Federated Council). NOTE: Bylaw

number changed from 306 to 307 May 2003.


(Emphasis added.)

Rule 307 does not expressly define medical practitioner nor does it specifically

enumerate the practitioners that are included within the term. However, the key indicia

of CIF’s intent -- the contemporaneous definition of medical practitioner, the rule-making

history, and CIF’s course of conduct since the provision was adopted -- all underscore the

fact that chiropractors were meant to be covered by the term medical practitioner and are

therefore authorized to perform preparticipation evaluations.2

(a) The contemporaneous definition of medical practitioner

included chiropractors and thus demonstrates CIF’s clear

intent to authorize chiropractors to perform